How to Read Your Astrology Chart in 3 Simple Steps

Zodiac Signs Icons Set On Circle Frame

The study of stars and planets and how they affect people’s personality is referred to as astrology.Charts of astrology are used to interpret a personality and hence give pointers for predicting a person’s future.You can as well gain insight into your own personality by being able to read and interpret the chart for yourself.The process itself is simple enough to be done by anyone who is interested.Here are simple guidelines to help you along the way.

Read and Interpret the Sign

For you to read your sign on the zodiac chart you have to locate it first.There are twelve subdivisions on the outer rim of the chart.This is where you locate your sign using your birth date.The twelve sections on the chart of the zodiac are representative of twelve zodiac signs that represent various personalities.The second step is to learn the meaning of your sign after locating it on the chart.Your behavior is believed to be affected by your  sign.

For instance,Sagittarius traits at include generosity, a great sense of humor and idealism on the positive side, while impatience and making of empty promises are some of the weaknesses associated with this sign.

Reading the Houses

Finding your house on the chart is also important.The triangular-shaped inner sections of the chart represent the houses.For you to be able to find your house, you will have to use your ascendant.An ascendant is a point, by sign and degree, that rose above the Eastern horizon at the moment you were born.Proper location of the ascendant will then enable you read your different houses which stand for different aspects of your personality. Know more about horoscope at

Reading the Planets

There are two categories of planets namely: personal which are the inner ones and planets on the outward side.The outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto while the personal planets are the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.Different symbols are used on the chart to represent these planets: the sun is a circle with a dot at the center, the moon is a crescent shape while  the male and female symbols are used for Mars and Venus respectively.The inner and outer planets represent the various aspects of your personality.When the planets pass through different houses, they will affect how the chart will be read.Planets stand for your passion and drive to accomplish things.The houses indicate the way in which you accomplish tasks while signs represent areas of your life that need change. Know about Sagittarius love horoscope here!

Through these easy steps, you can read and correctly interpret your star, allowing you to understand yourself better.This will enable you to make informed decisions for your life.Put in mind all these steps if you want to get a clearer glimpse of what your sign means.


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